Saturday, January 12, 2008

Another attempt to withdraw from Paypal

This is my third attempt. First, I reviewed again the procedures about withdrawing from Paypay personal account, particularly to a credit card:

  1. Credit cards with VISA logo only are acceptable. Other credit cards, such as AMEX, Mastercard can be used in other transactions.
  2. The minimum withdrawal is US$10; and the maximum withdrawal per day is US$500;
  3. The processing period is 5 to 7 days, but it still depends on the card issuer’s policy;
  4. The withdrawal fee is $5;
  5. The return fee is $10, if the withdrawn fund is returned to Paypal due to incomplete and incorrect information in the withdrawal request.

Since I have no VISA credit card yet, I tried to enroll my wife’s Metrobank VISA. YES! It was accepted; and it was not required to be enrolled in the Expanded Use Program (if for withdrawal purpose only). So, I attempted to withdraw to her VISA card. I entered the amount to be withdrawn and clicked the "Continue" button. On the review page, however, my name and not my wife’s name appeared as the “Name on Card”. During the enrollment, I edited my name to that of my wife in the form as the card holder. But, apparently, Paypal assumes that the Paypal account holder is the same as the holder of enrolled credit card.

Thus, I hesitated to confirm the transaction lest I might be charged $10 return fee due to incorrect information. I just canceled it.

Meantime, while my fund is accumulating, I’d would apply for a credit card with VISA logo or request my wife’s card issuer to issue an extension card for me.

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