Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Surgeons offer Alternative Plastic Surgery

This post is intended for women who are in need of alternative plastic surgery only? Well, if you are, Dr. John R. Miklos is the surgeon you are looking for. Why him? To earn the prestigious “American Top Doctor Award”, this doctor must be special and extra ordinary. Yes, he is! For one, he is the only physician, who specializes in Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery, that earned this prestigious award. From a gynecologist to urogynecologist, he pursued and trained in the sub-specialty of vaginal rejuvenation and succeeded. His education, numerous trainings, extensive experiences in this specialization as well as his various affiliations made him the world expert in this field of vaginal cosmetic surgery.

He also earned the reputation of being the international authority in minimally invasive reconstructive and rejuvenation. His patients, who sought his surgical care, did not just come and travel from around the U.S. alone but from more than 23 countries all over the world. He has an associate Dr. Robert D. Moore, who is equally qualified, adequately trained and experienced in this specialty. I read their credentials, which are very impressive.

If you think you need labia surgery to regain and improve your sexual confidence and experience, please visit their site to learn more. However, the deeper pages of the site contain mature contents, i.e., real images of before and after the labia surgery.

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