Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pahiyas Festival 2009

Wifey requested me that we go to Lucban, Quezon on Friday, May 15, to witness its famous Pahiyas Festival. I couldn't decline her request lest I'd end 6 feet under the ground.

We passed by Lucban last December on our way back to Manila from our trip to Bicol Region. But I've never witnessed personally the Pahiyas Festival yet. I'm glad she asked.

I checked the net to know more about this festival - what to do and what to expect when we get there. Luckily, the festival has its own website, Thus, I was able to get the location map, calendar of events, route map, travel tips, and other relevant information.

Now, I'm excited to get there!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Planning your next vacation online

Dreaming for your next vacation with the family excites everyone. However, planning for it is a very tedious task to do. First, you have to determine your budget and how to save for it. Then, you need to get the concessions of everybody where to spend it. When and how are other questions you have to answer.

When we had our grand vacation a few years back, it was my wife who arranged for everything - from researching for the best destination our budget could afford, to scheduling the itinerary, and to booking for tickets and the places to stay in. And, it was a piece of cake for her. “How did you do it?”, I asked her. “I did it online!”, was her reply.

If you are planning for your next vacation, plan it online with the help of countless information available on the internet. You can research and compare for the best destinations and places to see and things to do when you get there. You can even compare and book for your transportation and your hotels online.

Now, wifey is already dreaming and planning for our next vacation online. I and my kids are looking forward for it too. I know we are going to enjoy again our next vacation.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A combo snacks

It’s Mother’s Day; and, Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!

We had lunch to celebrate the Mother’s Day with my mother, my wifey, and my sister.

And, for our snacks, wifey bought Pancit Malabon. I bought some lettuce. Then, I combined them. A combo of Pancit Malabon and Lettuce salad with Caesar dressing. Wow, I loved it.

Friday, May 1, 2009

A new viand

Wifey's a good cook; and, she loves cooking. When there's occasion in the family, she prefers cooking than buying cooked food or engaging a caterer.

Today, she cooked a new viand for our lunch. It's her first time to cook this one. It's meatball stuffed with shrimp and topped with sweet and sour sauce.

From 1 - 10, I rated it at 11. He he he . . .

You may check her recipe here.