Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holiday eyeglass frames

We are about to say Goodbye to 2008 and say Hello and Welcome to 2009. The Christmas and New Year holidays are the most awaited and happiest holidays in the calendar.

During this season, we buy new clothes, shoes, and other personal things. But, have you thought of buying and wearing a new pair of eyeglasses, prescription or otherwise, for these holidays? If you do, you can conveniently find holiday eyeglass frames from the popular online eyeglasses store. Holiday frames from Zenni Optical are available in different styles, colors, and materials. These fashionable and stylish holiday frames are made of premium quality lens and materials. The frames are made of Monel steel alloy, stainless steel, memory titanium, pure titanium, plastic (acetate), aluminum and memory plastic.

2274  Plastic Fashion Half-Rim Frame

Yet, they are affordable and easy on your pocket. You can even find a pair of prescription eyeglasses at $8. Zenni Optical manufactured its own products and sold directly to its customers; thus, eliminating the unnecessary costs such as middlemen, retail overhead, and advertising costs.

Shopping for your holiday frame is simple and convenient. From your home or office, you can visit Zenni Optical and browse for the pair that is perfect and right for your taste and budget. Ordering is easy and each order is guaranteed. Every pair is quality controlled for prescription accuracy and optical clarity.

Holiday frames are also perfect gift ideas not only for the holiday season but for any occasions as well.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas day! And, I'm still blogging with yummy Macaroni Salad and a garlic coffee on the side. The salad was prepared by my wifey; and I just put half head of lettuce around it.

I'm also greeting my sister, Cristina, in Sydney, Australia a Happy Birthday!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Pacquiao versus Hatton

Brawler versus brawler. It’s Manny Pacquiao versus Ricky Hatton. The fight would likely take place on May 2, 2009 at the University of Nevada - Las Vegas’ Thomas and Mack Center.

Manny Pacquiao is the reigning World Boxing Council lightweight champion. He’ll gunning for a fifth weight crown against Hatton – the International Boxing Organization junior welterweight belt.

It would be a very interesting showdown.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Your wish will be granted

It is Christmas season; and, it is the season for wishing. Have you made your wish list for you and your loved ones? Here are two of my wishes for this Christmas: a new mobile phone and a new laptop. I would be happy even if only one would be granted.

Speaking of wishes, I still remember one of my childhood wishes that I did not realize. It was sitting on Santa’s lap. Now, I think I am old and big enough to sit on his lap. But, with the latest technology of the computer and internet, one can virtually sit on Santa’s lap and have his/her picture taken and framed with CEIVA Digital Photo Frame.

If you got a wish, tell Santa about it by submitting your name, your wish, and uploading your picture to Then wait for your picture to appear in the beautiful frame and your wish in Santa’s wish list. I tried it and uploaded one of my favorite pictures. Wow! My picture turned out great and perfect with CEIVA Digital Photo Frame! And, I shared the video with my mother and sister in Sydney, Australia.

I think CEIVA Digital Photo Frame is the perfect and best gift idea for this Christmas and for any occasion anytime of the year. Your loved ones would love you more for it.

By the way, by telling Santa your wish, you could win $500 in the contest. One random entry is selected everyday of the contest. This is open to residents of the United States and/or Washington D. C. and must be 18 years old. Good luck!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Decorations - Pacific Star Building

As has been the tradition in Makati City, most buildings in Makati City Business District are grandly decorated.

These are the Christmas decorations in the Pacific Star Building. The building is situated at the corner of Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue and Makati Avenue, Makati City. It is where we hold our office.

The curtain of lights at the Low Rise Building

The trees wrapped with lights and the Christmas tree at the driveway.

One of the Christmas trees located at the front lobby.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas shopping at Greenhills

After my executive check-up last Tuesday, we proceeded to Greenhills Shopping Center along Ortigas Avenue, San Juan City. This shopping center is well-known for its "tiangge" or bazaar style of peddling bargain products; such as, clothes, shoes, bags, jewelries, toys, cellphones, food, and many more. It's one of the favorite places of many shoppers in Metro Manila especially on Christmas seasons.

From November 15, 2008 to January 4, 2009, there's a mannequin show nightly every 30 minutes from 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Are you looking for glass frames for the holiday?

A friend is replacing his glass frames for the holiday. I advised him to look and choose from the wide selection of Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical. Zenni Optical is the popular online eyeglasses shop that offers wonderful and great choices of high quality, stylish and yet cheap glass frames.

While shopping for his holiday glass frames, my friend was surprised to see the $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses. He personally like this one:

4636  Metal Alloy / Stainless Steel Half Rim Frame

If you are also looking for your holiday glass frames, go to Zenni Optical.

Miss Russia is Miss World 2008

Miss Kseniya Kushinova of Russia is crowned as the Miss World 2008.

The 21-year-old blue-eyed blonde beauty is a student pursuing a science degree as an engineer of administration from the Tyumen Oil and Gas University.

"I think I can help people and I want to help people and today if I walk away with this crown I will do that," was her answer to the judge when asked why she should be crowned the winner.

The coronation was held in the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, the City of Gold, where she beat 108 other international beauties.

Coming in second and third are Gabrielle Walcott of Trinidad and Tobago and Parvathay Omanakuttan of India, respectively. The final five are Parvathy Omanakuttan of India, Gabrielle Walcott of Trinidad and Tobago, Brigite Santos of Angola, Kseniya Sukhinova of Russia, Tansey Coetzee of South Africa.

The Philippine bet is Danielle Kirsten Muriel Castano.

Note: Photo from Wiss World website.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

PayingPost pays you to blog

I have been blogging for more than a year. And, I have enjoyed it since day one. What makes blogging more exciting is when I started earning out of it. There are a number of advertising outfits online that offer paid blogging. At first, I was very aggressive and registered in all blog advertising networks I came across. I found out later that only few of them are good. Most of them were just wasting my time visiting them every now and then but could not provide with tasks or opportunities. Now, I have to be choosy on which blog advertising network I would register to.

While bloghopping, I found out about a new blog advertising network. It is I did not immediately register. I checked and consulted first my blogging friends about it. They gave me their nods; and, I registered and submitted my blog.

How PayingPost works?, How do I get opportunities?, and When do I get paid? are just some very important questions I asked.

Getting paid through blogging is easy. PayingPost qualified members need to log in to check for open opportunities. In the opportunity lists, the opportunities are color coded:
  • White – the opportunity is available;
  • Yellow – the opportunity is available – highlighted opportunity is paid by advertiser;
  • Green – the featured opportunity is available;
  • Grey – the opportunity is available, but all posts fully reserved; and,
  • Red – the opportunity is not available

If the opportunity is available, click it to reserve it. You can reserve up to three opportunities per day per blog. Then, you have six hour to make and submit your posts; otherwise, the reservation will be canceled.

You can also get opportunities via the PayingPost Direct, where advertisers directly negotiate with you the cost and scope.

If the submitted post is approved, you will receive your payment directly into your PayPal account on the first day of each month. And, there is a $25 bonus if your post is the best for each pay period.

Aside from earning through writing posts, you can also earn by joining its affiliate or referral program.

If you are a blogger, do not let this great opportunity pass to make money from blogging. Register now.

PhotoHunt 140 - Favorite


Chinese food is one of my FAVORITE dishes.

Last Thursday, I treated my staff for a dinner in one of the famous Chinese restaurants near our office in Makati City. They love Chinese food too. Actually, we're supposed to go to another restaurant but changed our minds when we saw the Chinese restaurant.

After pondering the menu, we ordered the following:

Cold Cuts Platter

Seafood Egg Fu-yung

Empress Chicken

Steamed Fish Fillet

Yeung Chow Fried Rice

House Tea

Upcoming themes:
  • Dec 20: wide
  • Dec 27: squeaky
  • Jan 3: hope

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pacquiao is the winner


The Dream Match is over! And, the underdog, Manny Pacquiao, emerged as the winner by way of Technical Knock-out (TKO). Oscar De La Hoya's camp wisely decided to throw in the towel in the 8th round; as, he was no match to the quickness and agility of Manny since round 1. It's a lopsided game. Nobody expected it would turn out this way. Look at his face. It's swollen. The punishment he received was just enough; and, they didn't want to prolong his agony. It's a wise decision indeed.

It was a mismatch game. Manny was still fresh as if he would just start the first round. Manny, you're are really the Pambansang Kamao (National Fist).



My other post:

The Dream Match - De La Hoya versus Pacquiao

Are you betting or rooting for Oscar De La Hoya of Mexico or Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines?

Watch and enjoy The Dream Match here:

Saturday, December 6, 2008

PhotoHunt 139 - Breakfast


For the theme METAL last week, I posted the the anchor at the entrance of the Grande Island Resort in Subic Bay. For this week's theme, BREAKFAST, I'm posting the buffet BREAKFAST table on our second day at the resort. It consisted of fried rice, scrambled eggs, hams, local sausages, soup, breads, pancakes, fruits, juices, and coffee.

Join us at

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas lanterns in Shangri-La

We were at Shangri-La Plaza in Mandaluyong City last Monday. While waiting for our food in a Greek restaurant, I captured some of the mall's beautiful Christmas decorations - the lanterns:

Lantern 3
Lantern 2
Lantern 4

Monday, December 1, 2008

World AIDS Day 2008

Support World AIDS Day

December 1 each year is World AIDS Day. It aims to raise awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection.

2008 theme is "Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise - Leadership" (same as in 2007).

Get involved! Together we can end HIV prejudice. Please visit World AIDS Day for more information.

Health Calendar - December 2008


December is Firecracker Injury Prevention Month

Other activities:
  • World Aids Day (December 1)
  • Health Emergency Week (December 1-7)
  • National Youth Health Day (December 10).

Source: Department of Health