Saturday, December 13, 2008

PayingPost pays you to blog

I have been blogging for more than a year. And, I have enjoyed it since day one. What makes blogging more exciting is when I started earning out of it. There are a number of advertising outfits online that offer paid blogging. At first, I was very aggressive and registered in all blog advertising networks I came across. I found out later that only few of them are good. Most of them were just wasting my time visiting them every now and then but could not provide with tasks or opportunities. Now, I have to be choosy on which blog advertising network I would register to.

While bloghopping, I found out about a new blog advertising network. It is I did not immediately register. I checked and consulted first my blogging friends about it. They gave me their nods; and, I registered and submitted my blog.

How PayingPost works?, How do I get opportunities?, and When do I get paid? are just some very important questions I asked.

Getting paid through blogging is easy. PayingPost qualified members need to log in to check for open opportunities. In the opportunity lists, the opportunities are color coded:
  • White – the opportunity is available;
  • Yellow – the opportunity is available – highlighted opportunity is paid by advertiser;
  • Green – the featured opportunity is available;
  • Grey – the opportunity is available, but all posts fully reserved; and,
  • Red – the opportunity is not available

If the opportunity is available, click it to reserve it. You can reserve up to three opportunities per day per blog. Then, you have six hour to make and submit your posts; otherwise, the reservation will be canceled.

You can also get opportunities via the PayingPost Direct, where advertisers directly negotiate with you the cost and scope.

If the submitted post is approved, you will receive your payment directly into your PayPal account on the first day of each month. And, there is a $25 bonus if your post is the best for each pay period.

Aside from earning through writing posts, you can also earn by joining its affiliate or referral program.

If you are a blogger, do not let this great opportunity pass to make money from blogging. Register now.

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