Friday, January 11, 2008

I couldn't withdraw from my Paypal

Last month, I tried to withdraw from my PayPal account but was unsuccessful. I enrolled my American Express Credit Card but had not enrolled it in the Expanded Use Program yet. So, I enrolled it; but, I had to wait for the access number that would appear in my next AMEX Statement of Account. After waiting for a month, I received my statement, got the access number and entered it into my Paypal Acccount. The status of my account now is “Philipine – Verified”. I was already excited to withdraw and pay my credit card billing.

I checked first how much would I withdraw. It’s $750; but wait! there’s a limit of $500 per day. That’s just fine. I clicked the Withdraw tab and tried to withdraw. Holy cow! I couldn’t use my AMEX card for withdrawal. It only accepts credit card, debit card, or prepaid card with VISA logo. I thought I could already use my AMEX to withdraw once I completed my Expanded Use enrolment. But, I was wrong! No, the instruction is misleading. It says, "Add a card to your PayPal account to raise your sending limit, withdraw funds from your PayPal account, use as backup funding, or confirm your address."


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