Thursday, January 31, 2008

Soccer Balls and Portable Soccer Equipment

I am not a soccer player neither a fan of it. I had never played soccer in my life until I went to Sydney, Australia several years ago. My nephew, who is a varsity soccer player, invited me and my wife to watch professional soccer games. I was really amazed at how these soccer players completely control and maneuver the soccer ball with their feet – kicking, dribbling, passing, catching and shooting. After the games, I became interested in it and requested my nephew to teach me the basics and tricks of the games. The first time I kicked the ball, I fell in love with the game. Though I have not continued playing the game, I became a fan of it. And, I love watching professional soccer games even on cable television only.

Soccer game is a wonderful sport; and I believe it should be introduced to kids as early as possible, preferably at age 6. To rouse their interests in the game, parents may bring their kids to watch soccer games or give them soccer ball. To train your kids and improve their skills, you can find Soccer Balls and other soccer training equipment online at It carries the brand Franklin Sports, a company with over 50 years experience in the business. You can choose from the selection of portable soccer goals, soccer rebounders, soccer nets and soccer backstops, which can be carried anywhere. Aside from soccer equipment, also markets portable Street Hockey goals and equipment.

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