Sunday, January 13, 2008

My current page rank

This blog’s page rank is, or should I say was, PR2. I was checking my PayPerPost account, when I noticed that the Google page rank of this blog is no longer 2 but zero. I think it has already suffered the same fate as my other blog, Think of Me! - its PR3 evaporated in thin air. Ironically, I knew a new blog that is two months old, less active, with four posts only, and with little or practically no traffic but already have PR2. My other blog, which was dormant for a long time and has five entries only, had PR3. It’s funny, isn’t it? Is page ranking realistic or it is just manipulating the cyber world?

My current Alexa rank is 1,145, 722 from 1,741,361 a month ago.

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Liza said...

Thanks for dropping by and your comment. Ayan nga ang fear ko ngayon eh, ang bigla syang alisin dahil sa PPP. Sana

I have another blog with PR4 pero siguro hindi ko na i-add sa PPP, para kahit papano me fallback hehe.

Take care and have a nice day.