Thursday, November 1, 2007

Get paid to blog with

Out of curiosity, I tried blogging five months ago. Since then I have enjoyed doing it, learned a lot from other bloggers, made virtual friends, and made some money online. Then, I heard about as another opportunity to make money through blog advertising. Some virtual friends strongly recommended it.

I visited and explored the site and learned more about it. Smorty is a service connecting advertisers to bloggers. Setting up and maintaining an account with Smorty is easy and absolutely free of charge. Blog/s submitted shall be reviewed and approved/declined within 72 hours. If approved, campaigns are emailed to the bloggers for acceptance. Bloggers will write opinion posts with links back to advertiser’s site. If advertisers approved the posts, payments, ranging from $6 to $60, shall be made on weekly basis through PayPal.

I found Smorty's services great and attractive. With Smorty, I could have another way to get paid for blogging. Thinking that my blog is qualified, I immediately registered and submitted my blog. That was yesterday. This morning, I received Smorty’s approval and the campaign. That was really quick. I am now accomplishing my first tasks.

What I like most about Smorty are:

  1. It is quick to approve applications - within 72 hours. Mine, however, was approved in less than 12 hours.
  2. The minimum earning is $6
  3. Payments are made on weekly basis.
Join Smorty now; and, you too could get paid to blog.

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