Friday, May 16, 2008

Wanna be scared?

Do you want to be scared? Would a real scary movie do the trick? Then, watch the newest Horror movie – the Frontier(s). But, I suggest watching the Trailer first as this horror movie may be too scary for you. I watched the Trailer to see what it really offers and I found it gruesome and gory. That must be the reason why it was slapped an NC-17 rating. Xavier Gens, the director of the Hitman, wrote and directed this horror movie. It was originally intended for the Horrorfest 2007; but, due to its controversy, it hit the US theaters instead – unrated and uncut. Most unrated movies do not get to the theaters; but this one is able to hit the theaters. For the select theater listings, please visit

I told my wife about it; and she is very excited to watch this movie. My wife is a fan and lover of horror films. She also collects DVD’s of the horror movies she had watched. And, I know she would buy the unrated and uncut DVD of the Frontier(s) as part of her collections.

I would recommend this movie, especially to those who have the courage for scary movies. If you have no or little guts, bring your family and friends with you. I am sure you would enjoy this albeit the bone chills it would give you. Visit to check the select theater listings and find the one that is nearest you.

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