Monday, May 19, 2008

Choose and rate your favorite contest video

Check out the ongoing Dockers TV Commercial Contest. If you have got your own style, why not join the Dockers contest and create a 30-second video advertisement for Dockers. There are already videos that have been submitted; and I was able to watch some of them. I think most of them are good for Dockers advertisement. Some videos are funny; but they are good though. So far, I like the “Do it on Dockers” video by Pennkraus. I still have to see more entries and decide who my favorite is really.

If you want to join, you can submit your entries until May 29. 2008. However, only legal residents of the United States or the District of Colombia who are 18 years old or older are eligible to join. Too bad, I am not a resident of the United States. Anyway, I could participate by rating the entries, which I already did for the videos that I have watched.

If you are qualified, creative, and video savvy, I encourage you to join this exciting Dockers contest. Okay, get your video camera and start shooting. Who knows, your entry will end up as the winner and get the chance to be aired once during the broadcast of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on June 13, 2008.

The Dockers contest is sponsored by Dockers San Francisco.

Sponsored by Dockers

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