Monday, May 5, 2008

Good news for horror movie fans

I have mentioned in my earlier post the good news for scary movie fans - the newest horror movie, entitled the Frontier(s). It will be shown in select theaters this May 9, 2008, or four days from now. The movie is uncut, controversial, and unrated. Despite being unrated it is exceptional; hence it will be shown in theaters unlike most of the unrated movies that did not get to the theaters. From the Trailer that I have previewed, I believe it is really a good horror movie that I and my wife are going to enjoy. I know horror movie lovers would enjoy watching it too. Check the theater listing and see which theater is nearest to your place.

My wife loves to watch it on the first day of showing. And, since this is another horror movie, she would not watch it without me because she thought I am not frightened. I am too; but, as much as possible, I do not show that I am. After watching the Frontier(s), I know that she would also buy the unrated and uncut DVD, after they are released on May 13, 2008. It’s her hobby to collect DVD of her favorite movies, especially the horror movies, for her DVD library.

Check the site to watch the trailer and see the listing of select theaters; then mark you calendar.

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