Friday, May 16, 2008

I like scary movies

Are you brave enough to watch a real scary movie? I am; and my wife too. Have you heard about the newest scary movie? This newest Horror Movie - the Frontier(s), is really a scary movie. And, it may be too scary for you. Well, you can check if you really have the guts to do so. Watch its Trailer first at I like watching scary movies; and the trailer gave me a scare. I am sure it is a chiller to the bone horror movie. After watching the trailer and you think you would survive watching it until the end, check out the select theater listings nearest your place at

This horror film is written and directed by Xavier Gens. Because of its controversy, it hit selected theaters in the US unrated.and uncut. The unrated and uncut DVDs are now available.

It is a story of a gang of small time crooks who took advantage of riots in the French inner cities to rob. But something goes wrong and the group splits up. Being pursued by police, some of the gang take refuge in a hostel owned by degenerate redneck. They are unaware that their hick hosts are neo-Nazi cannibals. . . I’m stopping my account here.

I will definitely watch this one together with my wife, who is also a lover of horror movies.

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