Saturday, January 17, 2009

PayPerPost is offering less

I logged in to my PayPerPost (PPP) account and checked the available opportunities. Wow, there were five with grey background and one with white. But, I was surprised to see the offers. The offers for five opps were minuscule - fifty cents, a dollar, and a dollar and fifty. Despite the low offers, four opps have already been reserved. There's only one that's still available - "Blog pictures".

Curious for the low offers, I checked the available opp out. The task is very easy. All you need to do is register with the sponsor's site (a source of free pictures), link it and hotlink a photo. You're not even required to write a post. What could I buy with fifty cents? One bottle of beer! Since the task's very easy, I took it.

But, I'm already worried and alarmed with the trends.

First, the opportunities are scarce. In the last three months of 2007 (I started with PPP on September 2007), I averaged 15 opps a month. In 2008, I just averaged two opps a month. And, this new year, there are offers that are too low.


KZBlog said...

One issue is that your blog is on's server. Most advertisers prefer to have their posts on independent sites. I have the same issue with my blog being hosted on's site which is why I don't bother with pay-to-blog sites. If you want to make good money, I suggest you host your sites on your own domain.

TiOheM said...

I'm planning on having my own domain blog but can't act on it at the moment.