Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bebe Gandanghari

When I got out of our room from my afternoon nap, I saw wifey and daughter Jaja watching the TV. I saw a beautiful lady being interviewed in Startalk Exclusive by Joey De Leon, Lolit Solis, Butch Franciso and Ricky Lo. Then, I immediately realized she's the erstwhile Rustom Padilla - the brother (or sister - whatever) of Robin and Royette Padilla - the hoodlums. He (she - whatever) is now known as Bebe (pronounced as Bibi) Gandanghari. I was really amazed at how he's transformed from a macho man to a lovely beautiful lady (from the outside).
OMG! Nanay Lolit's right. He (she - whatever) looks like Carmina Villaroel - his (her - whatever) ex-wife.

Actually, during his macho days, I already sensed otherwise. How did I know? It takes one to know one. Oh, di ba!!!

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Vivien said...

I was also surprised to see Rustom dressed up like a woman. (But I am not against gay) I think it was ridiculous.