Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Brightstorm online education

My two kids are grown up now. But, I still remember how they were doing during their high school years. My younger kid had been doing fine, but my older one had difficulties in his studies, particularly in mathematics. To help him in his studies and homeworks, we sent him to a tutor after classes and on weekends. And, on summer classes, he was taking two or three subjects. We were very happy, he graduated.

During those years, we had no access to online education sites yet. With the latest technology in computers and internet, online education sites are now possible and can be accessed whenever and wherever you are. And, this is good news for students, their parents and teachers. How I wish they had been available then.

One great online education site that helps high school students and their teachers is Brightstorm ( It offers video courses on algebra, geometry, writing, history, government and more. You can also choose your teachers from their best teachers in the world who explain pretty well your chosen subjects professionally.

Brightstorm can definitely help your high school kids attain good grades in their classes and prepare them well for college education. And, your kids would not get bored studying at Brightstorm.

Sign up for a free brightstorm account and check out the available courses and see how good it would be for your high school kids. I tried it and would recommend it to my friends with high school kids.


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