Saturday, November 15, 2008

Grande Island Resort - a dream becomes a reality

Everytime we go to Subic Freeport Zone, we dream of going to Grande Island Resort. We heard it's a good and nice getaway place but very expensive. Now, the dream became a reality.

A relative from San Diego invited us to join him and his wife - our niece for a belated three-day celebration of his 70th birthday at the island. His guests were not relatives and friends from the Philippines but from United States and Sweden. His other guests from other parts of the globe, for one reason or another, were not able to come.

Last Monday morning, the guests rendezvoused at the ferry terminal adjacent to the SBMA Administration Building Subic for the 30-minute boat ride to the island.

All the 29 guests were housed on chalets with their back verandas facing the bay and the mainland.

Unfortunately, it's raining on our first two days. We had not run out of luck, though, as the weather on our last day was very good. Despite the rainy weather, we really had fun, enjoyed our stay, the food, the drinks, and meeting new friends - foreign and local. The food were great - buffet breakfasts, and lauriat style lunches and dinners. The planned barbecue party on our second night was spoiled by the rains. The drinks were aplenty - red wine, whisky, vodka, tequila, rum, liquer and beer.

We thanked Matt (the celebrator) and his wife - Raquel for this once in a lifetime opportunity. And, nice meeting you - Herbie, Kristel, Rita, Bob, George, Solvig, Bob, Sonia, Vicky and Jun.

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