Sunday, November 30, 2008

Range bag

When I was still a kid until I became a teen, I dreamt of being in the military or in the police force. We are a family of military and police officers. My father was in the Army; and, some uncles and cousins are in the Army too, the Navy and the Police

When I was about to enter college, I was already mulling of taking a military course. However, my best friend convinced me to take another course - a merchant marine course. And, being in the Navy or a merchant ship was one of my dreams too. So, I took it.

But, my military or police dream remains a dream until now. I still envy those who are wearing the military or police uniforms and carrying firearms. I just satisfy myself watching police, crime and war movies and think that I am of the military or police officers in the stories.

Sometimes, I and my friends go to the firing range and practice shooting. I have fired different sorts of firearms – long and short. What I like most are the powerful 45 caliber and the Armalite. I believe I am still a fair shooter; and, I still need more and frequent practice shootings.

One fine Saturday, my shooting friends invited me again to the firing range. At the firing range, I noticed a shooter, a Police Superintendent, carrying a range bag. I saw that it could carry several guns, ammunitions, and other shooting paraphernalia and tools. I requested his permission for me to check the range bag, which he granted. He was also kind enough to brief me about the functions of the range bag. And, I was very impressed.

Since I am only carrying one gun only, I do not need it yet. But, for my friends and those who are carrying multiple guns to the range, it is a very useful and functional.

When I got home from the firing range, I searched the internet and found the 5.11 Range Bag at the If you need a range bag, check it out.

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