Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ladies, flatten your bellies

I really appreciate ladies with flat bellies. And, I love to stare at them, of course, if they and my wife are not looking. That is why, I love watching beauty pageants and fashion shows.

I have lady friends and acquaintances, young and old alike, who are proudly sporting bulging bellies. I have tried convincing them to flatten their bellies. Most of them attempted to by dieting and exercising. Only a very few was successful; and, I congratulated them. The rest, however, are very lazy or do not have the tenacity to exercise and get rid their bellies of fats. I even telling them a joke to encourage them to lose pounds, “It is either you lose pounds or lose your husband / boyfriend.”

Now, there is good news for them! They can lose fifteen pounds in 32 days without even exercising. Isn’t it interesting? The big question is “How?”

Prevention magazine is currently selecting group of women, who are willing to try the Flat Belly Diet. This diet is all about food and attitude and no exercise is required. Does it sound too good to be true? Well, if you have a bulging belly, I encourage you try it to see if it is true. The best thing is it is free! So, you have nothing to lose except your fats. Further, with flat bellies, you would look more beautiful and healthier!

If you are eligible, you get:
  • A free copy of the Flat Belly Diet book
  • A free 1-year membership to the Flat Belly Diet website
  • Exclusive membership to our Success Story Club
  • The chance to blog about Flat Belly Diet on our website
  • First look at exclusive Flat Belly Diet videos.


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