Saturday, June 14, 2008

PhotoHunt 114 - Emotion(s)


The theme for this Saturday is EMOTION(S).

I found these pictures of three persons from three generations showing the same EMOTION:

Ichu - my grandson

Jaja - my daughter

And, me.

These were taken during the birthday celebration of another grandson, Kalvin Jonvic, whose EMOTION was very happy.

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Leslie said...

Oh that's a great set of family photos. :) Have a good weekend! :)

Napaboaniya said...

Hahahhah!!!! I love your expression in that picture!!! :P

jams o donnell said...

What a wonderful set of family photos.. Have a great weekend

Hootin' Anni said...

All photos are perfect. I especially LOVE the last one. Cute kid!

Happy Hunting. Hope your weekend is super.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Cool shots all, very emotional.

Have a great weekend!

Karen said...

HAHA! There is nothing like a bouquet of balloons to bring out the kid in you. *grin*

Write From Karen

jmb said...

What lovely bright photos of you and your family. Lots of very happy emotion there.
Have a great weekend

Pato & Pearl said...

ehehehehe..cute...i love ballons but as long as they don't explode in your face..hehehe

Pearl - happy weekend

Daisy said...

Those photos made me smile, too!

eastcoastlife said...

Grandchildren!! You look so young!

TiOheM said...

Thanks for the compliment, Eastcoastlife. Actually, I don't have grandchildren yet from my children; but, I have so many from nephews and nieces.

And, thanks too to those who left their comments.