Saturday, February 9, 2008

Different kind of pizza

While in Cebu City yesterday, a friend treated me to a different kind of pizza, which according to him can be found only in a pizzeria in this city.

The pizzeria offers different pizza creations. We ordered my friend’s favorite pizza creations: the half round pizza called “Calzone” and the whole round pizza called “Pizza Chavelli” (double faced pizza). Normally, a pizza is an oven baked crust (thick or thin) or pan, round or square shaped, with toppings on it. The pizza creations we ordered, however, have no toppings but fillings. The fillings are basically the same as the toppings used in other popular pizza: tomato, ham, green pepper, button mushroom, pineapple, etc. The sauce used in these pizza is white.


Pizza Chavelli

The pizzeria also serves the traditional pizza. I liked these pizza; so, I brought home one Pizza Chavelli. My kids liked it too.

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