Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Debt Collection

How many and how much debts your company has not able to collect or still pursuing to collect but with no assurance? Uncollected debts, especially those that are long overdue could hurt your company finances and affect your operations. Normally, companies try to exhaust all avenues to collect to avoid incurring additional expenses and to maintain the relationship with their clients. And, if worse comes to worst, they would finally engage a traditional collection agency. This decision would mean slashing as much as 50% of the collectibles and put their relationship with the clients at risk. You may collect but lose the business. Who wants bad clients anyway?

But wait! There is another option. Engage the services of American Profit Recovery (APR) for your Debt Collection . APR has developed outsourcing solutions that have been proven very effective. Its approach is cost effective and diplomatic. It offers the following solutions:

  • Tier I- Flexible Solution – For collection in the early collection cycle for as low as $5.00 per account
  • Tier II – Firm Recovery Solution – for older accounts with higher recovery rates

With APR, you could collect faster, increased you cash flows, increased efficiency, and still do business with your clients.

It also offers additional services, such as the state of the art skiptracing, free credit bureau reporting, and legal options as the last resort when other alternatives have been exhausted but futile. APR does not charge court or attorney fees in advance. You would only pay when funds are collected.

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