Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Luigi's birthday celebration

We simply and extemporaneously celebrated my son's birthday in Teriyaki Boy in Trinoma. The only guest is her Tita Elvie. These are the food that we ordered.

California Maki. It’s good there’s one left and I was able to capture it.

House tea. It’s the best; because, it’s free.

The classic Ebi Tempura

Kani Salad

Asparagus wrapped in bacon(I forgot the Japanese term)

Yaki Udon (or is it Yaki Soba?)

Unagi Teriyaki - my favorite among my favorites

Salmon Teriyaki - another favorite

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reanaclaire said...

My girl also loves sushi too.. each time she goes, she can take a lot.. i tease her each time.. marry a japanese and take sushi everyday.. :)