Saturday, August 2, 2008

PhotoHunt 121 - Cloud(s)

Last month, I traveled from Manila to Dumaguete City - the capital city of a Visayan province of Negros Oriental in the Philippines. The air travel is about an hour. I usually sit by the window side and enjoy the aerial views. And, here are some pictures of the CLOUDS I took up above.

Cloud.jpg picture by tiohem
Cloud1.jpg picture by tiohem
Cloud2.jpg picture by tiohem
Cloud3.jpg picture by tiohem

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philos said...

They look like islands on a map hehe... cool shots :)

cating said...

I usually take pictures while on the plane as well:) it looks kewl:)

FamiliaKhuletz said...

Those are really interesting clouds!

I also have posted my cloud pictures. Please check it out in these blogs:
Le Kulitszie Familie and Shutter Happenings

Hope you can hop by if you have some time. Thanks a lot. Happy weekends to you!

Hootin' Anni said...

Obviously taken from a plane. Aren't they ever so pretty!

My 'colored clouds' are posted. A bit different in the 'take of the theme' this week. Come by, join me, if you can find time!! Happy weekend.

Pato N Pearl said...

very interesting shots of the clouds....Nice one ;)

Pearl - have a good weekend

Nita said...

Beautiful shots! Have a great weekend!


mama meji said...

Beautiful shots!

AMDC said...

Fluffy! Adella