Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Look

If looks could kill, I would not look at anybody. Thanks heaven, it could not. And, I am free to look at anybody. I look flirtatiously at a lady, especially if I am interested with her, to spark or attract her attention.

I am posting my picture with my flirtatious look and be a judge if it could catch others or your attention. There were times my flirtatious looks were not effective; so, I resorted to some other forms of non-verbal flirting, such as trying to clear my throat (ehem!) and doing some acts that might caught attention. Some of these acts were effective.

And, speaking of flirting, there is a Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship game.

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I have played and enjoyed the game. I am encouraging you, my readers, to try and play it. You can grab the widget and put it on your own social page or blog. The game will test your flirting abilities and give you the Victory Hair. By joining the game, you will be put in a waiting room to wait for other two players. You will be assigned as the judge or a contestant. If the former, you will be given five questions to ask the contestants. If the latter, you have to answer the judge’s question in a fun and sexy way. And, by the way, the game provides a number of flirting tips.

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Ja said...

yayks! kakakilabot yung picture! hahahahahah