Monday, August 4, 2008

Debt Collection

Managing Debt Collection within your organization could take so much manpower and man-hours. If you are encountering problems in your debt collection, the solution is to assign this task to a collection agency. However, most collection agencies are charging exorbitant fees of up to 50% of the amount collected. Further, the approach of traditional collection agency is aggressive, which could risk losing the customers.

The best solution is to engage your debt collection to American Profit Recovery. It will help you recover your profits and stay on business. Its Debt Collection System has been proven effective and successful. Its approach is more diplomatic and will not alienate your clients. Hence, the possibility of getting back the business is high. And, its fee is affordable for a flat, low fee – no matter what is your industry.

As soon as you see an indication of bad debts, it is advisable to immediately engage American Profit Recovery. The earlier the better; as the accounts get older, it is more difficult to collect them. The advantages of a third party intervention at an early stage are:
  1. The chances of collection are higher and faster;
  2. Faster collections will make your cash flow healthy;
  3. It will save you time and money. The additional manpower could be eliminated or used to other valuable aspect of the operations;
  4. With diplomatic approach, you can still maintain or even enhance your business relationship with your customers.
Let American Profit Recovery collect the money that is rightfully yours in a professional and diplomatic way.

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