Sunday, March 23, 2008

Selling your endowment policy

If for one reason or another, you want to surrender back your endowment policy to your life insurance company, DON’T! No doubt, it is the easiest thing to do to get back your money fast. But, surrendering your endowment policy, would give you lesser value than what it is worth. The better alternative is to sell your endowment policy and get extra cash. Looking for a buyer, however, is not easy especially if you do not have experience in doing so. And, negotiating for a better price is another thing. Maybe you could find one and negotiate a good price, but there’s the intricate legal work and documents to accomplish.

To avoid these difficulties, go to the experts – the specialists in selling endowment policies. Endowment Express is one site that will help you Sell Endowments. Instead of you looking for buyers, it would search for major buyers for your endowment policy; so you could get the best deal, which should be more than 33% of the surrender value.

Aside from giving the best quotes, it would also provide the legal works as part of its service. Endowment Express has already helped thousands of satisfied customers in selling endowments. It can help you too. Just fill out the online form at no obligation or cost and Endowment Express would do the work for you.

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