Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Brand Identity Guru for your marketing and branding strategies

Are your products or services less saleable than their counterparts in the market despite they were of the same prices and qualities? Perhaps, the latter is more advertised, promoted and positioned. So, you have done the same; but still you are not getting your fair market share. Something is not right. Advertising, promotion, and positioning are good marketing strategies but not enough to guarantee more sales because of the stiff competition. These strategies would convey your message to your prospective customers. But, would they see it the way you wanted it to be? Or, are they confused and see it differently? You would know they are not getting your message if they are not buying your products or services.

It is time to rethink. Overhaul your marketing and branding strategies or engage a Marketing Company that specializes in marketing and branding strategies. The latter is more advisable. You need Brand Identity Guru Inc. (BIG for short). BIG will you help convey your message to your prospective customers effectively and make your products or services stand out from the competition. With BIG’s BIGPicture™ and the BrandMasterpiece™, you would see your sales shoot up, your marketing goals exceed your target and your profits increase.

To learn more what BIG could offer to your business, please visit BIG. You can also take the brand strength test to find out how strong your brand strength is.

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