Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Joke - Husband and Wife

A wife was helping her husband to set-up his Computer. The husband was in a cheeky mood so when the computer asked him to enter his password, he made it obvious to his wife that he was typing in the word “p3nis” as password. His wife fell over from laughter when the computer replied: “Password rejected—not long enough.”
What is a burning desire? When in the dark you reach out for the petroleum jelly but instead take the vaporub!
Husband had two photos taken, for his Elderly mother a photo from the navel up and for his wife a photo from the navel down. However he accidentally mixed the photos up when placing them in the envelopes and he send the photo ‘navel down’ to Mommy.

She replied: “Thank you for the photo my son, but Mom suggests you change your hair style as it makes your nose look very short.”

Wife stands in front of her mirror and said to her husband: “I am fat, old and no longer pretty. I am wrinkled and my breasts hang… Give me a compliment.”

When he replied:
“Your eyesight is still excellent though!”


(Taken from's Just for Laughs)

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