Sunday, October 18, 2009

Web hosting for your site or blog

I have been blogging for more than three years already. I have created not just one, two, or three blogs but more than five blogs. During this period, I befriended some bloggers. Some of these friends have told me that they are moving from free website to hosted website. That is great, I told them. I, myself, have also considered this move. But my limited time prevented me to do so.

Actually, I had already planned of having my blog hosted. And, I already searched for the best website host for my blog. However, I would not recommend the website host that I found the best for me. My reason is what is best for me may not be even good for them.

But, what I gave them are the website hosting review sites for them to evaluate what is best for them. Among the website hosting review sites I recommended is the indepently reviews all webhosting providers. And, by checking the reviews and features, it would be an easy task to select the best webhosting site for your website or blog. Even if you’re on a budget constraint, there is a webhosting site you could find.

Oh by the way, wifey is also considering her blog hosted. And, she is now consulting

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