Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fire, fire, fire!

Yesterday afternoon, I was seriously working in my office when suddenly the building's PA system announced that there's a fire in the sixth floor. We're on the fifth floor. A co-employee informed me that it's just a fire drill. That's a relief! Whew!

Fire drill is done every year in compliance with the Fire Code of the Philippines.

As instructed, we went down via the nearest fire exit. Then, we proceeded to the front driveway of the building to watch the shows. Most of the building's occupants were already gathered waiting for the shows to begin. White smokes were being emitted out of the building. A fire truck arrived and sprayed water on the building. Then, a victim was being hoisted down.

We didn't finish the show but instead ate "halo halo" in the building's fastfood at the ground floor.

When we finished the "halo-halo", the show also ended. Then, we returned to our workplace.

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