Monday, April 6, 2009

A different online news site -

If you are into photo blogging or an amateur photographer, you can participate in and submit your photos to an online news community.

I am talking about - an online news site. But, it is different from the traditional news photography sites. It encourages amateur photographers (photo bloggers and photo journalists) to participate in reporting current news events with their photos.

With the advent of digital cameras and cellphone cameras, millions of people all over the world are now using them and upload their photos in the internet. With this simple gadget, you can capture the news and report them, as you see them, to

Get started! You can create an account and be a member in less than a minute. Sharing or uploading your photographs on your free WeSay profile page is very easy. Once uploaded, others can view your photos and vote for them. WeSay editors select the best images to be featured on the site’s homepage. Isn’t it great viewing your photos on the site’s homepage?

WeSay has launched a Photo Contest dubbed as “The Best of Citizen PhotoJournalism III”. It is officially over with more than 3,000 entries from hundreds of photographers. The winners will be announced soon. Meantime, you can view the finalists in different categories and the galleries. And, watch out for the next Photo Contest.


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