Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I love tenpin bowling

I first played tenpin bowling when our company held a tenpin bowling tournament. As I had never played bowling before, I and some officemates went to a bowling alley and tried bowling. And, I was amazed at how I made some strikes on my first ever game. Since then, I became serious about bowling. I bought a book about the bowling basics, studied them and practiced more often. I also bought my own bowling ball and shoes. I joined a bowling club and tournaments. As a result, my average games soared to close to 200 in no time. Thus, whenever there were inter-companies bowling tournament, I was always a member of our company’s team. More often than not, I garnered individual awards, such as high game, high series, and high average. I had planned of going national or professional but did not pursue it for some reasons.

I have been a fan of a 6-time World Bowling Champion, Paeng Nepomuceno. I was very happy when he was our guest of honor in the awarding ceremony of our tournament several years ago. And, I actually shook his hand when he presented my awards. I wished this important moment of my bowling career and some of my best games were captured in video and uploaded them to SportsVids for everyone to watch. With the online sports videos, I could watch Paeng Nepomuceno and other great bowlers’ sports videos to get some pointers and techniques.

I love to watch this sports video of Paeng in 2002 Malaysian International Open, where he scored a perfect game.

At SportsVids, you can upload too your sports videos or the memorable sports clips of your kids or loved ones. The sports vids would be available online anytime you wish to watch them again.


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