Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WaMu Savings Accounts

It is advisable to regularly save a part of your income for future use, and for urgent or emergency purposes. It will give you peace of mind knowing that you have savings that you could use for unforeseen and unexpected expenses.

But, where to put your savings safely and securely is another thing. The best, safest and most secured way to keep your savings is in a bank. However, not all banks that offer savings account are the same. It is your hard earned money; and you should ensure that the bank where you are keeping your money is stable and giving you the best savings services.

Is your bank giving you the best savings services for your money? If not, or if you are thinking of opening a savings account, you may wish to consider WaMu.

At WaMu, you can get the best services and can choose from the many saving services they offer. Check WaMu's Savings Accounts or Certificates of Deposit and find the best and right one for you.
  • Online Savings
  • Statement Savings
  • Traditional CD
  • Online CD
  • Liquid CD
The WaMu Online Savings will let you manage your savings account and grow your money online. If opened with WaMu Free Checking, your online savings will receive the Relationship Interest Rate/APY and comes with free checks and money orders.

The WaMu Statement Savings will give you a high yield. And, if you open an account together with WaMu Free Checking, you can view your accounts online and transfer funds from your Free Checking account to your Statement Savings account with the Automatic Savings Plan.

The WaMu Traditional CD (Certificate of Deposit) will give you a high interest rate. You can also add fund to your CD with the Add-On Feature, or adjust a higher interest rate with Bump Rate feature.

The WaMu Online CD will give you a great rate and avoid the bank queues. Link this to your Platinum Check account and it can help you waive your checking account monthly service fee.

The WaMu Liquid CD gives you a high CD rate, allows you unlimited add-on deposits and gives you fluid access to you money.

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