Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cisco can change your life

Several years ago, I was offered several opportunities to change my career to IT. I would be sent to an IT school to study and train. At that time, however, my interest was in another field; so, I let them passed.

As years went by, I saw friends and relatives have gone or changed into IT careers. The changes in their careers changed their lives. Some relatives and good friends are currently holding juicy positions in big companies with higher income, bonuses and perks. Some have traveled almost around the world. A nephew, an IT consultant, who just arrived from abroad has shown us albums of his pictures in every country he visited.

The global demand for IT professionals at all levels are increasing and the opportunities are unbounded. So, if you are looking for a better career, think IT. And, if you are into it, advance or enhance it. How?

Register in Cisco Learning Network, a social learning network, to enhance and advance your IT career. You can join the exciting discussions on how to advance your IT career and learn about the future of the networking technology. Get a Cisco certification and stand out from the crowd. It offers certifications for Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert, and Specialist. With Cisco certification, you can change your life for the better.

Cisco Learning Center provides wealth of information for extended technology and business knowledge. It provides a larger context for certification know-how. The vital information you would find here could accelerate your IT career. The technology library provides topics on data center, IP routing, networking fundamentals, network management, optical networking, router, among other things. The business library has topics on communication & interpersonal skills, business collaboration, vendor relations, small/medium business, and general management resources.

Now, I am wondering why I did not grab the opportunity to shift to IT career. I am happy with my current job but could have been happier had I changed to IT career. It is never too late. I can still shift to IT career anytime I wish.

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