Thursday, September 30, 2021

Monthly pagerank

Monitoring my September 2021 pagerank at to see how my blog is doing. 


Sunday, September 26, 2021

Bike lane

I've been biking for 12 years now.  Yeah, I started in 2009.  At that time, there were no bike lanes yet in Metro Manila except in Marikina City. 

Most road users despise bikers being on the road, as they are considered hazards.  In return, bikers are clamoring to "share the road".

Then, last year, the pandemic came into the picture, which resulted to difficulty in traveling due to no or limited public transportation.  Commuters resorted to bike commuting and their number has increased a thousandfold.

The government has responded by designating bike lanes in most major and some secondary roads.

To date, the overall length of the bike lanes in the entire Metro Manila is 313 kilometers with a width of 1.5 to 3 meters based on the road's configuration.  In Quezon City alone, where I usually bike, the length is 93 kilometers.

Despite the lanes, sadly, some motorists and pedestrians still don't respect them.  You can still see vehicles parked or waiting on them, motor cylists use them too to overtake, and pedestrians think they're sidewalks and waiting lanes for transport.  In some lanes, there are barricades, fixed and movable, to prevent non-bikers to use them.

I'm a bike commuter to work too.  And, I benefit from the bike lanes.  They make my ride a breeze, easier and safer.  My route is Novaliches to Makati (via Commonwealth - Quezon Ave. - EDSA - Buendia Ave. and v.v.  The distance is about about 28 kms. with a travel time of 2 hours, one way.  I either use my On One 29er mountain bike or the Dahon Speed Uno folding bike.  The building allows bike parking at the basement for free.  So, if I bike commute, I save about P250.00.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Spirit of giving and sharing

A community pantry helps those who are really in need and encourages others to share in helping.

When the initial one became popular through by word of mouth, social media and news, pantries have sprouted all over the country and even abroad.  Unfortunately, even with the good intentions, the promoter of the first pantry was being red-tagged.

I, myself, have witnessed, on my morning bike rides in and around our place in Novaliches, the long queues in every pantries even if still closed.  Sadly, to date, most of them had folded up.  I'm just hoping that this "bayanihan" (helping each other) spirit will not die a natural death.

In the group of companies where I belong, some sort of community pantry thru Viber was organized.  It is not exactly similar to the original one.  Here, the recipients are members and employees of the group, which may not be needy at all.

The generous sponsors will offer and post to the community a list of food items up for grabs, like breads, fruits, cakes, and whatnot.

Those who want to avail of the offer, simply register his/her name, company, contact number, and address.  The number of beneficiaries reaches about 140.  After the cut-off, the goods are delivered at the registered address, home or office, anywhere in the NCR Plus and some are as far as Batangas and Quezon Province.

What I received so far were: ube pandesal, cassava cookies, oranges, ham, apples, sweet corn, sweet potatoes, loaf of bread, plain pandesal, and apples.

And, the latest were another loaf of bread and plain pandesal:

And, a cake is coming!

My gratitude to the generous sponsors!  And, keep it up!  God will bless you more.  Quoting Acts 20:35, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’


Sunday, September 19, 2021

Amazing taste, how sweet the steak

It's rare, all right!

At last, wifey cooked the Canadian T-bone steak she ordered.  She rummaged the ref for the side dishes to go with it.  There's a loaf bread too.






Dinner's ready! With wifey and my 2 kids, we partook in this once in a blue moon meal.

A little discussion ensued, whether it's rare or medium rare.  Whatever, it was amazing!  So tender and juicy, and melted in the mouth.

 The mushroom gravy was perfect!  But, I also ventured with spicy vinegar and it rocked!

So yummy!  I think another order, albeit pricey, is in order!  Hmm, on second thought!

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Rare, medium, well done?

I'd like to have the steak, please.

I RAREly eat (beef) steak.  If I do, I choose the MEDIUM size and, only, as a reward for a work WELL DONE!

My family, especially wifey, loves steak.  Me?  If there's a choice, fish or lengua, I'll take it.

Wifey was delighted when she received her order of steak.  It's a T-bone from Canada.

I was aghast when I saw it.  It's a 2-inch thick and a little bit over a kilo.  And, the shocking price is P2,500.00.  Whew!


It's pricey, so, it must be pretty tasty when cooked!  Definitely, I'm going to have a slice or two or three of it.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

A tear in my tire

A tear fell when I saw the tear in my bike's rear tire.

 A tear fell when I checked that the cost is P1,800.

The tires are the most abused parts of a bicycle due to constant rolling and braking contact and friction with the road.

The common trouble is a flat tire due to a puncture or two caused by sharp objects, like nail, staple wire, splinter, wire, etc., or even under-inflation.  To avoid a flat, a tire liner can be installed.  But, I don't use this.  Instead, I bring spare tube to quickly change the pricked one and do the patching at home.  Actually, I bring 2 spare tubes and patch kit in the event of multiple flats.

The torn tire is a Maxxis Minion DHR II, 29x2.30.  I installed it 2 years and 5 months ago.  The tread is still more than 50%, good for about a year more.

I noticed the tear at the bead, about an inch, after my morning ride today.

It's good I still have my old bald tires, which I will use temporarily.


Wednesday, September 15, 2021

A piece of cake

A cake lover.  That's me!

A diabetic. Me, too!

Can a diabetic be a cake lover too?  Yes!  Just love not eat it!

Anyway, like drinking alcohol and other things, moderation is the key.

And, how can I refuse a yummy cake concocted by my niece-in-law. Ei-Pee?  Specially, it's a combo cake of 5 flavors.

Thanks, Ei Pee!  By the way, she is a banker, a novice biker, and a good baker!

Where's my Metformin?

Monday, September 13, 2021

The 40th day A. D.!

Most Filipinos practice after death traditions, like the 40th day memorial.

The belief is that the soul of the departed is still around wandering during the 40-day period, coming back home and visiting the places he/she lived in.  So, if you have goosebumps, feel a cool wind, the lights flicker and sense other hints, Casper has come back and visiting you.  Creepy!

The purpose of the 40th day is to bid good bye to the departed for him/her never to return again but to rest in peace. Thence, those who are left behind should grieve no more and to move on with their lives.

There's also a dispute on the reckoning of the 40th day.  Is it 40 days after death or 40 days after inclusive of the date of death?  For example, if one passed away on August 4, when is the 40th day?  September 13 or 12?

Anyway, based on the latter, we celebrated the 40th day of a dearly departed.  We went to and gathered in his home with his family; so, he would not come to our places for a visit.  Due to the pandemic, only  a few close relatives and friends got together.

As expected, there were still griefs and crying episodes.  When they ebbed, stories were told and exchanged on how good (praises were said) and naughty (laughed out loud) he had been.  And, the best part was the food was aplenty and yummy. Burp!

At the ceremony, the celebrating Pastor requested first everyone to give thanks to the Lord.

On my turn, I thanked Him because my wife and I, who are already in our autumn of life, are still alive and kicking despite having comorbidity.  I added in a whisper, "The sad thing, though, is I'm still alive but being kicked.  He he . . . "

Then, the Pastor delivered and explored his message about rejoicing with God even when everything goes awry.  He cited Habakkuk Chapter 3, verses 17-18:

“Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will be joyful in God my Savior.”

Definitely, nothing is certain but death and taxes.  Let's enjoy life because if He calls you, you can't answer, "Could You call back later, please"!  That is, if it's your time, it's your time!

Life is really short, so, was the memorial.  But, a plan for another get together has already been drawn.  Moving on and see you soon!

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Giving a new coffee blend a shot

Another forthnight was about to pass.  And, my stock of Bukidnon coffee beans was running out.

So, last Thursday, I ordered online another kilo of coffee beans, Brazil origin this time.

However, I was informed that this origin would not be available in another week because of the limited roasting schedule due the pandemic.

I asked what beans were available.  There's a freshly Espimere Blend with the same price as what I originally ordered.

As much as possible, I prefer the single origin beans.  Rarely, though, I drink blended coffee too.  So, I checked it first from the supplier's website and FB account:

  • A mix of Colombia and Brazil arabica beans;
  • Taste notes: Dark chocolate, burnt sugar;
  • Thick, creamy and sweet;
  • Perfect with milk;
  • Medium dark roast;
  • Recommended brew method - espresso.

That's good!  And, I decided to get it since it's a combination of my 2 favorite origins - Brazil and Colombia.

Yesterday, I rode my bike and picked it up.  The label says the brew date was September 9, 2021 - just 3 days ago.

Okay, this is enough stock for the next two weeks.


Friday, September 10, 2021

Sweetest sweet potato

I also like and enjoy eating sweet potato (kamote), whether boiled or fried or kamotecue (I just remove the sugar).  I prefer the first as it's healthier, but moderately being a diabetic.

They say, this root tuber is a poor man's food.  I can still remember - when I offered it to an office mate, who hailed from the province, he rejected it.  He said, "Tom, when I was in our province, I'd been eating kamote almost daily!"  Okay, fine!  He he . . .

Poor or rich, some generous friends offered 2-kilos of kamote for free.  It's free, so I accepted.

It's Kalim-aw orange kamote.  I learnt that this type comes from Mindanao mountain ranges. 

Let's try and taste it.  The skins were still soiled with some traces of worm attack.  So, I thoroughly cleaned and brushed off the dirts first before boiling them.

Cooked, at last!  Wow, this is the sweetest kamote I've ever tasted.

Another offer is coming!  Next time, I am going to try a grilled kamote.

Eating kamote, I hope I won't become a "kamote rider".  But, farting?  Also, I was reminded of my kamote episodes in school examinations.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Black is black, I want my coffee black!

I usually drink coffee four (4) times a day.  And, I want them black.

A shot of espresso when I wake up.  I mostly brew with my Wacaco Nanopresso.

A cup of pour over and a glass of ice cold brew, anytime.  When biking, the ice cold brew is my energy drink.

For my nightcap, another cup of espresso brewed from my Krups machine.  And, mind you, I still can sleep.

At times, though, I also drink coffee other than black for a change, even an instant or a 3-in-1, but never a herbal coffee.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Typhoon "Jolina"

Yesterday afternoon, I was surprised to hear the news that it's already typhoon signal no. 1 over Metro Manila.  There's no rain, no wind, though the sky's cloudy.

I checked the and saw that she was over Southern Luzon and heading towards Metro Manila.

When I woke up at around 3:00 this morning, it was raining, all right, but no howling winds.

As of this time, the typhoon is over Quezon Province and expected to hit Metro Manila at 75 - 95 kph winds.

Keep safe!